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Believe me! You blondes want to know about OLAPLEX!!


I first heard about Olaplex a year ago through Facebook, but didn’t really pay much attention. After all, there’s always some new miracle product someone is swearing by, right? But if this product is as good as I was hearing I wanted it to be in my salon. So many of the top colourists are talking about Olaplex on social media, which led me to investigate further.

Celebrity Stylist Tracey Cunningham was one of the first people to try the new product on Gwyneth Paltrow and J.Lo whose hair was apparently transformed. Celebrities loved the new product! It limited damage to the hair whilst lifting the hair light than a stylist would dare do before. I believe this is how Kim Kardashian achieved here ultra light blonde from years of colouring her hair dark. This is usually something we try to do gradually to avoid damage to the hair but now with the insurance of Olaplex we can achieve more from colour than we ever have before.

After a year of waiting for Olaplex to be launched here, we now have it in the salon ready to use on clients. So far the results have been amazing achieving gorgeous colours with out the hair being compromised. Clients are leaving happy with health looking blonde hair.

What is OLAPLEX?

Olaplex is a product that has many uses, but for purposes of blonde hair, a colourist will apply it to your hair when you get highlights or have your hair lightened.


How does it work?

What’s so special about it?

We all know that colouring hair causes damage. This is because regardless of whether you get highlights (the process of removing colour) or colour, a colourist needs to “break the bonds” in your hair. This process is damaging. But since Olaplex is a “bond multiplier,” it will multiply and rebuild those bonds, lessening the damage and leaving the hair stronger and healthier than it would otherwise be.

Why is Olaplex so important for blondes?

Going blonde involves bleach, so blondes are particularly susceptible to brittle, damaged hair and hair breakage. (You girls with double-process platinum know especially what I’m talking about). Olaplex will help with that damage/breakage. Plus, because its so effective in minimising damage, your colourist may be able to take you lighter than would otherwise be possible.